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About Lincoln, IL - Happy to be your hometown Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor!

The town of Lincoln was the first town named after Abraham Lincoln, ever.  It was named for him, you see while he was still just a lawyer.  Since then, the community’s love for and dedication to the history and the life of the former president has never wavered.  His impact on the culture of the town is undeniable and evident everywhere you turn. For example, the local liberal arts college was named for him.

Lincoln College was founded in early 1865 and it was the only college to be named after Lincoln while he was still living. The College has an excellent collection of Abraham Lincoln historical ephemera.  There are a wide array of documents and artifacts. These are housed in a museum which is open to the general public.  A visit would be a great rainy afternoon, or chilly winter day activity. But, we mustn’t forget! Abe is not the town’s only claim to fame.  The acclaimed and beloved American author Langston Hughes spent some of his primary years in Lincoln.  He was elected class poet at the local school and later wrote to his teacher explaining that that had been the moment when his writing career began.

The city is still small, but the residential living, housing and architecture is diverse. Tree-lined streets fade from green to yellow and then fall, only to return the following spring.  With each passing season, you can see the buildings in a new light and with a new filter over your lens.  The influence of the nearby bigger cities is evident in the cultural diversity that you will find in the town.  It is by no means a bustling city but it also isn’t a tiny town.  It is somewhere in between – in that “sweet spot.”